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On the western beach of Kavala, 55 km from its centre and 100 km from the centre of Thessaloniki, is the Municipality of Orfani, which constitutes the Kapodistrian junction of 7 villages: of Ofrynio, of Orfani, of Podochori, of Kokkinochori, of Akropotamos, of Galipso and of Kariani.
The fact that our municipality is situated in this particular geographical position which allows the inhabitants of the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Serres, Drama and Kavala to arrive in our region in less than one hour and to enjoy its beauty, has given fresh impetus to the region and our municipality has experienced rapid growth, attracting not only people from the surrounding areas, but tourists from all over the world.
It is certain that our region is a link to the wider area as well as a direct passage for the Balkan countries (Bulgaria-R╬┐mania-Skopje-Serbia-Russia etc.) towards the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful shores of the Orfani bay.
The endless virgin beaches, the combination of mountain and sea, the historical sites and the numerous villages offering short and long day trips, make our region a special

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