Anastasiadis real estate constructions

Relationships of Trust

The business "ANASTIADIS" has been professionally active on the Karianis beach, Orfani, Ofrynio, Touzla of the Municipality of Orfani, Kavala since the year 1996 and has, as its main concern, the creation of a trusting relationship with its hundreds of customers.

With experience, consequence and reliability, the company undertakes the issuing of building permits, the buying and selling of land and holiday homes, as well as the speedy and quality construction of holiday homes.

 The luxuriously constructed estates, the individual apartments and the maisonettes are fitted with heat and sound insulated of window and door frames, a fireplace, a private garden and large patios with a gazebo.

The endless virgin beaches, the combination of mountain and sea make the Kariani beach of Kavala a special destination at a distance of 45 minutes from Thessaloniki, at the traffic junction of the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Kavala, Serres and Drama.

Since 1996 to the present day, we feel satisfaction in our contribution to the healthy tourist development in our region.

Having won the confidence of buyers and sellers alike with our long-lasting and consistent track record, we maintain first place in their preferences, something which is reflected in the large amount of real estate that we represent.

The company undertakes the promotion of financial plans and completed lending - real estate and housing credit banking products.